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Because practice makes perfect

Cyberattacks are complex. The way an organization responds to them can have dramatic consequences for its business. Our Boardroom and C-Suite Training is the best way to develop necessary management skills and competencies.


Tabletop Simulation of “Cyberwar Games" -

Tabletop techniques help to train and improve the readiness and effectiveness of senior management's response to cyber attacks, and to improve decision-making processes. They help your organization to 

understand the unique properties of cyber attacks, to update business contingency plans (BCP), and to Increase awareness and cooperation.

Scenario-Based Exercises -

Scenario-based exercises are where key stakeholders meet to discuss impact, readiness, responses to extreme cyber scenarios, examine the adequacy of risk controls, quickly respond to changing threats and attacks, assess the business impact of potential attacks, and coordinate actions against new threats.

Red Team Exercises -

These are attack-and-defend exercises to assess the organization’s security capabilities.

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