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Shurat HaDin's Eyes Only 2016  - Panel 4   Cyberterrorism, Protecting Against the Threat

Shurat HaDin's Eyes Only 2016 - Panel 4 Cyberterrorism, Protecting Against the Threat

Shurat HaDin’s inaugural Eyes Only Conference brings together leading experts in the fields of intelligence, counter-terrorism, law enforcement, cyber security and international finance to provide fascinating professional insights into the legal war on terrorism. As technology has advanced, so have the capabilities and tactics used by terror organizations and state sponsors of terror to further their illicit operations. Eyes Only panelists will share insights and exchange ideas regarding cutting edge techniques utilized to combat terrorism in the digital age. ​ Some of the topics on the conference agenda include the “lone wolf” terrorism phenomena, terror financing, the use of social media by terror organizations, and the threat of cyber-terrorism. Panel 4 - Cyberterrorism, Protecting Against the Threat Col., ret. Gary D. Brown - Professor of Cyber Security at The Marine Corps University Ram Levi – Founder and CEO at Kofidas Digital Ltd., Cyber-security Expert Capt. Nativ - Chief of an Intelligence Section in the Central Command of the IDF IDF Representative Cyberterrorism, or internet terrorism, includes the politically motivated use of computers and information technology to cause large-scale disruption of networks and data bases. A Cyber-attack can cripple government agencies, paralyze law enforcement and inflict widespread fear in society. Many around the world have identified cyberterrorism as the single greatest threat facing Western democracies today. This panel will focus on the current use of the cyberterrorism. Who is behind the cyberterrorist threat? What methods are the cyberterrorists utilizing and what weaknesses are they exploiting? What incidents have already occurred? What is the extent of the threat? What can law enforcement do to combat this dangerous scourge?
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