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At Konfidas, we’re on a mission to help organizations, plan, protect, manage and adopt a proactive cybersecurity mindset. Our experts combine a cutting-edge, offensive approach with a pragmatic, business-oriented defense methodology to enhance your cybersecurity readiness and respond to your organization’s cyber events and mitigate their impact.

Multi-disciplinary experience

Our hand-picked team of leading cybersecurity, strategic and regulatory experts come with a proven track record and, collectively, decades of global experience: ideal for providing you with best-in-class cybersecurity services.

Strategic and practical approach

We analyze and prioritize relevant regulatory requirements, following through with a clear, agreed-upon course of action for your organization that equips you with a tailored compliance strategy and a plan for implementing it.

Unique, enduring relationships

Our customer-centric approach to cybersecurity ensures that your business’ needs are satisfactorily met simply, seamlessly and affordably, fostering long-term collaborative relationships.

High standards
and care

We design and execute best practice cybersecurity processes that are customized to your business’ unique risk profile, culture and preferences, to eliminate threats from the inside and outside, and enable you to continue to innovate.

Konfidas was established in 2013 by Ram Levi, who formerly served as secretary for the Prime Minister's National Cyber Initiative. He is currently the cyber advisor to Israel’s National Council for Research and Development and to the International Union of Aerospace Insurers (IUAI). 

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