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Client Stories

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

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“The Konfidas team brought expertise to the table. Their professional capabilities and approach were apparent throughout the project. We are delighted with the results, as they provided clear and actionable recommendations, and plenty of ideas and creativity on how to implement them over time. We look forward to working again with the Konfidas team.”

Dror Bar Moshe, Internal Audit Lead, Amdocs

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“We hired Konfidas for the purpose of cross-organizational strategic consulting. The Konfidas team formulated the corporate reference threat and carried out a C- level cyber simulation. The outcome was excellent and the company's management, led by its CEO, was very pleased with the execution of the simulation and its impact. We continue to work with Konfidas on other projects and expect to obtain the same high results.”

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Shmulik Rotshas, Global Information Security, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

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“We first hired Konfidas to perform a cyber security exercise. The Konfidas team far surpassed the contractual expectations and we’ve since hired them for additional specialized cybersecurity work. Konfidas’ staff members are professional, honest, reliable, responsive, personable and very knowledgeable. The work they have done for us was used to enhance employee and managerial awareness to cybersecurity and to meet compliance requirements, on many occasions. I am very grateful for their contributions to the organization.”


Shuky Peleg, CISO, MATAF - a subsidiary of the First International Bank of Israel

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“At, we hired Konfidas MSSP to serve as our company’s SOC and IR team. We have been working together for approximately two years. Konfidas MSSP’s personnel were not only acting as a fast-acting SOC for reporting and containing cyber events, but they were also acting as part of the internal security department. While understanding the business’s mission, internal procedures, staff, and deep technological architecture, they were constantly pushing security improvements that helped us strengthen our systems’ security. Konfidas MSSP’s always sought to converse with us to make sure we are getting the protection and service we are looking for. In the end, the MSSP helped us contain and remediate dozens of security incidents.” 


Ari Propper, CISO,

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