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CISO* as a Service

*Chief Information Security Officer 

Pay as You Go - Scale as You Grow

When a growing SME is looking to improve its overall cybersecurity - one of the first, most basic steps is usually appointing a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). 
Konfidas offers SMEs a modular approach: a professional CISO as an outsource. 
Our CISO’s are all trained and experienced cybersecurity managers, they enjoy the on-going knowledge base and support of the wide-ranged Konfidas team. The CISO’s work capacity will be determined by your organization's on-going needs:

The CISO’s work include:

  • Leading and managing cybersecurity procedures: Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Surveys and more. 

  • Managing regulatory compliance procedures. 

  • Performing awareness activities to raise employees' awareness to cybersecurity threats.

  • Consulting the organization on cybersecurity, including the establishing of a cybersecurity policy. 

  • Establishing and executing a work plan, based on the cybersecurity policy.

  • Establishing working procedures.

  • Planning and executing cybersecurity drills. 

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