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Strategic Consulting

We align your cybersecurity to your business needs 

Our unique process includes the following:

Threat Profiling -

High-level risk evaluation, prioritizing cyber threats according to business objectives, priorities and resources.

The Cyber Threat Profile is a strategic business document based on a combined thorough assessment, that enumerates the cyber threats facing the corporate and outlines the resources necessary to mitigate the risk and recover from cyber events.


Cybersecurity Strategy -

A top-down approach to defining what needs to be done by company management.

The Cybersecurity Strategy is a managerial level document, which defines the general principles of protecting and defending IT assets and information as part of achieving the business goals (The "What").

Cybersecurity Policy -

Establishing how cybersecurity will be managed within your organization, and by whom.

The Cyber Security Policy Principles document defines the intentions and direction of an organization as expressed by its top management regarding the ways to implement the Cybersecurity Strategy, and preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability of information (The "How").

Corporate ​Incident Response Plan - 

 The CIRP is a plan that defines the procedures and capabilities required to manage cybersecurity events.

It defines the company-level procedures for managing and recovering from a cyber crisis, including management and stakeholder responsibilities, workflow, and timetables. The plan improves company-wide readiness and creates capabilities for confronting a range of cyber events. Such an event may evolve rapidly and have strategic business-wide consequences.

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