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Cyber Crisis Management

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Cyber crisis management is not something that organisations engage in every day. But when a cyber incident does occur, it is critical that the organization engages  in the right activities, at the right time, even while under intense pressure.

During a cyber event, we help you manage the cyber crisis as follows:

Engaging in cyber crisis management consultancy -

We help you perform the right activities under pressure. We plan scenarios, and create and manage your emergency operations plan.

Managing an incident response team -

We oversee an incident response team that contains and manages the event, mitigates it, and ensures that your business recovers from the cyber crisis with the minimal damage possible.

Aligning responses and notifications -

We ensure support for all responses and notifications pertaining to your cybersecurity and data protection regulatory requirements during crisis situations.

Ensuring post-breach cybersecurity optimization -

Following a breach, our team conducts a technical cyber risk analysis and uses the knowledge acquired to enhance your company’s data security and safeguard against future attacks.

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