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Our Industry Verticals Specialization

National Cyber Strategy and Policy

Konfidas’ personnel have extensive experience with the development and writing of a wide array of national cyber and data protection strategies and policies. Konfidas’ founder and the company’s CLO both participated in the Israel National Cyber Initiative between 2010-2011 that established Israel’s National Cyber Directorate. Ram Levi, Konfidas’ founder, was the chief coordinator for that key national process, which resulted in Israel’s global positioning as a cybersecurity policy and implementation trendsetter. Other members of the Konfidas team have been involved in critical cybersecurity processes within the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and cyber and data protection developments at the highest levels of Israel’s private sector. Outside of Israel, the Konfidas team has worked on projects in Cyprus, Lithuania, India, and the UK.


We have invested time, resources and expertise into choosing the best suite of products to provide you with maximum security and compliance with relevant regulations. This includes: protection against phishing attacks, active directory as a service, device health policy and management, advanced malware protection and investigation, VPN access, password management, security awareness training, cloud infrastructure controls, DB firewalls, supply chain risk management, brand monitoring, threat intelligence, and more.

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