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Terms and Conditions of Third Party Applications (TPAs)

  1. In accordance with the Konfidas Digital Ltd. MSSP Service Agreement (“the Agreement”), below are the Terms and Conditions of the Third Party Applications (“TPAs”) supplied in the framework of the Agreement and referred to therein. 

  2. Note that the specific Agreement signed with each Client, encompassing the Work Proposal and Price Quote, specifies the TPAs which are deployed within the framework of the Agreement. The Client is eligible only for the TPAs specifically agreed upon with Konfidas.

  3. Additional TPAs may be added by Konfidas to the Client’s from time to time, and the Client agrees that, to the extent that they are included in the Services, they shall be covered by the terms of the Agreement.

  4. The Terms and Conditions detailed below are provided exclusively for the Client’s convenience. They do not constitute in any way a commitment on the part of Konfidas, other than as specified in the Agreement.  

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