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Social Involvement

At Konfidas, we understand our responsibility to the environment and the society within which we live and act. This is why we make it our mission to uphold the principles of gender equality, equal opportunity and equal rights. We additionally view social responsibility as a critical value, one that enables us to integrate the passion of our organizational and business vision with a sense of being a social emissary. For us, this is characterized by Konfidas' integration of initiatives that benefit society as a whole.


Our social responsibility efforts are currently focused on a number of areas:

  1. We are working extremely hard to create gender equality within our company, and place women front and center in cyber professions in general, as well as within the scope of the specific services we provide.

  2. We are enabling our male and female employees to come to work with their children or dogs, and encourage them to take part in a community that supports a home-work balance.

  3. Ram Levi, our company’s CEO, has initiated and developed a project, aptly called “Equal Opportunities in Cyber” -

    • The principle behind this project is that integrating people with disabilities into various organizations and industries by employing them in cyber professions. The goal: train people with disabilities to assume the role of ‘cyber protection implementor’ and help integrate them in the workforce, while responding to their special needs, allowing them to gain experience in the working world while they train and provide employers with tools to reduce obstacles and increase trust between both sides.

    • The candidates will be trained in the profession of cyber protection implementor. The course is recognized by the National Cyber Directorate. Upon completing the course, the candidates will possess basic theoretical knowledge and hands-on capabilities. Training will take place over the course of 506 hours, during which the candidates will be mentored by accompanying organizations.

    • The project will take place in conjunction with the National Cyber Directorate, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Sicuy Shaveh organization and Konfidas. Training will be fully funded by the Israeli government.

    • Organizations interested in taking part in the project include: Benleumi Group, Clal Insurance, Bank of Israel, the Israeli Enforcement and Collection Authority, Mimshal Zamin, the Government Teleprocessing Department, the Finance Ministry, Bank HaPoalim, Bezeq, the Local Authority, Bank Leumi, 2bsecure, Psagot Investment House, etc.

    • The project integrates theoretical and practical studies with mentorship by a future employer. Part of the training process takes place at the future employer’s company.


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