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Career Opportunities

Cybersecurity and Data Protection Consultant 

About Us:
Konfidas is a leading Israeli cybersecurity consulting firm, implementing large-scale and innovative projects in Israel and abroad for a diversity of companies in various fields: banking, insurance, maritime, hi-tech, blockchain, fintech, aviation, outer space and more. Our offices are located at 31 Rothschild St, Tel Aviv. 
We seek people who are committed to professional excellence, are self-motivated, and can provide top-notch consulting services and project management in the areas of cybersecurity and data protection. 

This job notice is intended for men and women alike.  

Job Description:

  1. Conducting cyber risk / maturity surveys for assessment of clients’ posture.

  2. Analyzing cybersecurity and data protection issues and implementing solutions.

  3. Participating in cyber exercises and simulations for clients.

  4. Management of consulting projects, including project administration, participation in the research, team discussions, and preparation of deliverables (presentations and reports), preparation of the work plan, monitoring communications with the client, etc.

  5. Ongoing monitoring and analysis of Israeli and international regulations in the areas of cybersecurity, privacy protection and related fields.

  6. Maintaining a pro-active, professional, ongoing and interactive relationship with clients, including preparation and presentation of periodic reports.

  7. Full-time employment.



Position Requirements: 

  1. Experience with regulatory and standardization processes (ISO 27001, GDPR, Israeli cyber regulations and data privacy regulations, CCPA). Any relevant certifications such as CEH, CCNA, C-GDPR F/P) should be noted.

  2. A strong technical orientation, with knowledge of operating systems (Windows/Linux), experience with networks, security architecture, network protocols and cloud solutions.

  3. Experience in leading and managing projects and relationships with clients, personal and professional maturity, ability to handle professional pressure.       

  4. Must be a team player, but also self-motivated and able to work independently.     

  5. Strong analytical and research skills with attention to details, ability to learn independently.

  6. Strong communication and writing skills in both Hebrew and English.      

Please note that at present, due to COVID-19, much of the work related to the position is currently carried out remotely, in full conformity with Ministry of Health guidelines.

To apply for this position please send your CV to:

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