Protect yourself with Konfidas Remote Package for 29$ user/month

During the last few months, the numbers of cyber attacks and cyber threats are significantly rising, exploiting the public interest in the spread of COVID-19.
The attackers’ main methods for breaching individuals and corporate computers are with emails containing links and malicious files or luring visitors to enter malicious websites that force malicious code to be downloaded to their computers.
To help you protect your business while working from home, we tailored a package containing three of our must-have services, for the special price of only 29$
 per user, per month.

Our team will provide you with:

  • 24/7 Monitoring  - Our team keeps your computer safe around the clock with our security tools and services. If a threat is detected, the on-call analyst will perform an analysis of the threat and provide you with real-time recommendations for addressing it.

  • Event Detect Response (EDR) - We’ll protect your computer from malicious processes. The EDR supports network containment of an infected computer, as well as analysis of the detected threat.

  • Patch Management - Patch management is fundamental to cybersecurity. Your computer, web browsers, operating systems, and other meaningful third-party applications will be continuously patched in real-time and will minimize the threat of exploitation of critical vulnerabilities by hackers.


Acquiring the package requires you to install a couple of agents, but don’t worry, we will be here to assist you in every step of the way

  1. You will need to install two agents of third party applications that we offer our clients - Both agents support Mac/Windows/Linux operating systems.

    • Automox agent - in charge of patching your computer.

    • SentinelOne - The next generation Antivirus that will keep your computer clean of malicious attacks.

  2. Once installed, you are requested to not shut the agents down.


Contact us for the full package description.