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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Seeking cybersecurity help? Let us have the honor.

The primary task of the Managed Security Operations Center is to improve your security. We manage and monitor your digital assets 24/7, responding to events and fully investigating them, so that your organization can be fully prepared, fully informed and improve your cybersecurity accordingly. We will protect your digital assets and set the appropriate safeguards to reduce your overall cyber risk, while providing you with the guidance you seek and full support for the regulatory compliance you require.


Using our deep expertise, experience with diverse clients, and location in Israel's global cybersecurity hub we evaluate and implement enterprise-grade security at affordable prices.

Our team knows just how critical regulatory compliance is to the success of your cyber operations - we ensure support for your compliance at every level by providing you with incident management, including  implementation of required notifications.

Core Deliverables:

  • We manage your digital environment with professional care.

  • We ensure support for your compliance with complex cybersecurity and data protection requirements and regulations.  

  • We reducing  response time to an attack.

  • We offer you eligibility to receive cyber insurance at a discounted rate.  

  • We ensure that your cybersecurity is a deductible expense, not a depreciation.


Our team will provide you with:

  • 24/7 Management and Monitoring  - We monitor your digital, network, brand and other assets for threats, and manage relevant security products.

  • Intelligence and Active Threat Hunting - We gather and analyze intelligence from multiple sources as a basis for decision making, prioritizing response, and maintaining real-time security.

  • Threat Response and Investigation - We respond to threats as quickly as possible, and examine them to understand what happened, in order to improve your security.

  • Regulatory Compliance - We ensure that your team is equipped with all necessary information for compliance with data protection and cyber regulations relevant for notifications. Our compliance process is supported as part of our incident response procedures, and through the follow-up to IR.

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